Alfred Nobel Notes
Alfred Nobel didn't just invent dynamite, he capitalized on his idea by founding 16 explosives plants in 14 countries. When competition arose among them, he merged them.
Alfred Sloan Notes
Sloan is remembered for being a rational, shrewd, and very successful manager, who led GM to become the largest corporation on earth, a position it held for many years after his death.
William Lever Notes
Leverhulme was involved with freemasonry and by 1902 was first initiate to a lodge bearing his name, William Hesketh Lever Lodge No. 2916. He saw freemasonry as a tool to reinforce the hierarchy within Lever Brothers.
Sakichi Toyoda Notes
When a problem occurs, ask "why" five times to try to find the source of the problem, then put into place something to prevent the problem from recurring.